Ganesh Mantra

This Mantra is used in conjunction with Lord Ganesh. Usually this mantra can be heard being played during Ganesh Chaturthi and all festive occasions related to the holy Ganesh, the Son of Lord Shiva and Sati Parvati.

Vakratunda mahakaya Meaning

Before we explain what this mantra means you should know the full mantra both in Sanskrit as well as ts corresponding English pronunciation. This mantra is more popularly sung in many tunes in Indian subcontinent for the praise and gratitude to Lord Ganesha.

Sanskrit Sloka Lyrics

वक्रतुण्डमहाकाय सुर्यकोटिसमप्रभ  |
निर्विघ्नं कुरुमेदेव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा  ||

English pronunciation lyrics

vakratunda mahakaya surya koti samaprabha
nirvighnam kurume deva sarva karyeshu sarvada


O lord Ganesha we salute you thy supreme. O mighty lord who posses the curved trunk (vakratunda) and holy divine with mighty physique (mahakaya), Praise to thy who glitter like a zillion burning star like sun (surya koti) yet who bestows bliss to every body (samaprabha) .
Hail to the God of  million Gods (kurume deva) ; help me fight all my hindrance with faith that you will be there to protect me (nirvighnam) like you have been guiding me always (sarva) and I have faith in you my Lord that you will be protecting me from all the evil forever and ever (karyeshu sarvada).

Vakratunda Mahakaya Song mp3


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Discussion Board

  1. please send mantras

    • anil tyagi says:

      Vakrtund mhakaye suryakoti samprabh:
      nirvidhin kuru me dev sarv karyeshu sarvada..?
      Change of hindi meaning this shlok

  2. princess muskaan says:

    hi i learnt thyis mantra in my old school

  3. suryateja says:

    best thing to know :)

  4. Sir,
    Your translation of vakratunda… Is excellent. However, I would like to point out that ” sama prabha” is not to be read in isolation. It has tobe read with “Surya koti” as Suyra koti sama prabha, meaning surya (sun) koti (one crore) sama (equel to) prabha (shine, light, glow)= glowing like a crore suns.
    Even thoygh the idea of separating the phrase to mean ” sining on all equally” is attractive, it will be unfair to knowingly twist the shloka.

  5. Hi … stumbled on your site while searching for meaning of a word. Without garnishing the prayer with our own thoughts and sentiments, IMHO, the correct ‘direct’ translation is …

    Vakratunda (Curved Trunk), Mahakaya (Large Presence), Suryakoti Samaprabha (Glowing like a crore suns), Nirvighnam (Obstacle Free), Kuru Me Deva (make for me, O Lord), Sarvakaryeshu (All work), Sarvada (Always)

    “O Lord with curved trunk, large presence and glow like ten million suns – make all my work obstacle free, always.”

    The rest of the prayer goes …
    Adipujyam (The first one to be prayed) Ganadhyaksham (Head of the Masses … also referring to Shiva’s Ganas) Umaputram (Son of Uma) Vinayakam (One who removes all ambiguity) Mangalam (One who bestows luck) Paramamrupam (The ultimate beauty) Shree Ganesham Namamyaham (Salutations to Shree Ganesha)

    “Salutations to Shree Ganesha, the ultimate beauty, leader of the masses, and son of Uma, who removes ambiguity and bestows luck”

  6. The actual hyme is :

    Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakotisamaprabha
    Nirbighnam Kuru me Deva, Sarbakaryeshu Sarvada
    Aadi pujyam Ganadhiyaksham, Uma Putram Vinayakam
    Mangalam Paramangrupang, Shri Ganesha Namamham